Virtual Tours

The Druze of Israel

Meet Israeli Druze  as  you travel from Mount Carmel to the Upper Galilee and on to the Golan Heights. Then, learn to prepare a Fattoush salad. 

The Bedouins of the Galilee

Experience a traditional Bedouin hospitality coffee ceremony and meet with outstanding Israeli Bedouins of the Galilee

Kibbutz Hannaton

Unique Jewish, religious, multi-denominational, egalitarian kibbutz, with ELEVEN men and women rabbis, and one synagogue. How do they do it? 

Christians in Israel

How do Christian Israelis fit into the Jewish majority Israeli society? Visit with Arab Christian Israelis; entrepreneurs and Christian clergy, for a fascinating discussion of the place of Arab Christians in Israel today.

Arab Muslims: Citizens of Israel

Descendants of villagers who lived in the land before the 1948 Arab Israeli War, Arab Muslim citizens of Israel  navigate between two worlds: Palestinian and Israeli.

Circassian Israelis

(COMING IN FEBRUARY) Originating in the Caucasus, transferred by the Ottomans in the 19th century, these non-Arab Muslims adhere to their  language and vibrant culture.

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Teach Your Children

In case you don’t know, the Jewish people divide the Torah (Pentateuch, first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible) into chapters and these are read

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