Virtual Tours

The Druze of Israel

Discover a highly insular, ethno-religious, fascinating group of people living in the mountains of Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Meet five Israeli Druze  as  you travel from Mount Carmel to the Upper Galilee and on to the Golan Heights. Then, learn to prepare a Fattoush salad. 

The Bedouins of the Galilee

Visit with outstanding Israeli Bedouins of the Galilee. Treat yourself to a traditional Bedouin hospitality coffee ceremony, meet Israel’s first Bedouin Ambassador, learn about women’s peace work and activism, interview the first Israeli Bedouin woman to be elected to public office, and more

Kibbutz Hannaton

The only Jewish religious, multi-denominational, egalitarian, intentional community kibbutz, with ELEVEN men and women rabbis, and one synagogue. How do they do it? Learn the history of the kibbutz movement, and explore shared existence in the Lower Galilee.

Christians in Israel

The plight of Israeli Arab Christians in the Holy Land and their dwindling numbers has been a topic of concern in the Christian world for almost a century. We will visit Israeli Arab Christian villages, meet with community leaders and Christian clergy for a fascinating discussion on the place of Arab Christians in Israel today

Arab Muslim Citizens of Israel

Israel’s Arab Muslims are mostly descendants of the Arab villagers who lived in the land before the 1948 Arab Israeli War. Their place in the Palestinian Israeli conflict is extraordinarily complex as they belong to two worlds: Palestinian and Israeli.

Circassian Israelis

Not Arabs, but originating in the Caucasus Mountains, these Muslims were transferred by the Ottomans in the 19th century and today live in two villages in the Galilee. Discover their fascinating story,  their Adyghe language and culture, and experience a traditional dance workshop!

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