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The Galilee in northern Israel is a kaleidoscope of cultures, peoples, beliefs and shared histories.  Baha’is, Circassians, Arab Muslims, Jews, Arab Christians, Bedouins and Druze live here side-by-side in a fragile coexistence not seen anywhere else in the world.   Come and spend a few days among these fascinating, diverse people…

This is a sample 3 day tour for those who want to see, experience, meet, eat and explore a little bit of everything. However, there are many, many other options, experiences and wonderful adventures to be had in the Galilee. If this itinerary wets your appetite, let me create a customized tour for you!

Day 1 (Lower Galilee and the Sea of Galilee)

Haifa – start at this mixed Arab Christian/Muslim/Jewish city; view the spectacular Baha’i Gardens; visit the Ahmadi mosque and learn their story

Shefar’am – a historic mixed city, where Druze, Muslims, Greek Catholics, Bedouins and until the 20th century Jews as well, lived together, side by side. Visit the mosque, the Greek Catholic church, the old synagogue, and the House of Hope, an Arab center for coexistence and peace building

Kibbutz Hannaton – a lovely, small kibbutz, where the newly arrived families are creating an egalitarian, religious, diverse Jewish community, unlike anywhere else in Israel. Meet with some of the community members and even get in some wine tasting at their new Jezre’el Valley winery

jezreel valley winery
The Jezre’el Valley winery is one of the successful private ventures on Kibbutz Hannaton
Hannaton menorah
This Hannukah menorah welcomes visitors to the small village of Hannaton







Capernaum – Drive to the shore of the Sea of Galilee and visit the place where Jesus lived and preached for the last 3 years of his life, a must on a Christian pilgrim’s itinerary of the Holy Land

Remains of the Jewish village of Kfar Nachum (Capernaum) sit underneath a beautiful church

Magdala – new archaeological excavations in the ancient town of Magdala have uncovered the remains of a 1st century synagogue, right in Jesus’ backyard. Could he have possibly prayed, preached, visited this synagogue?  Learn about the multi-faceted, exciting new Visitor Center project being built here.

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Day 2 (Central and Western Galilee)

Kafr Kama – Did you know that some Muslims from the Caucasus escaped genocide by being relocated to the Galilee? Wait, there’s more.   This picturesque, quaint Circassian village will delight you with its unique story and lovely people

Buei’ne – Nujeidat –  visit an Arab women’s empowerment project, and meet the women who help support their families by embroidering, weaving and creating artisan jewelry

Shorashim – we drive through the central Galilee to the small Jewish village of Shorashim, home of Makom BaGalil, a foundation for Value Education working to bridge the gap between Arabs and Jews

Acco – a mixed Jewish/Arab city on the lovely Mediterranean coast, known for its colorful Old City Arab market, incredible Crusader era Hospitaller Knight Halls, and the 2nd largest mosque in Israel

Accommodations in Acco

Day 3 (Upper Galilee)

Maalot Tarshiha – meet locals in this city, created in the 1960’s by successfully merging the Arab town of Tarshiha and the Jewish town of Maalot.

Mi’ilya – we will visit this small Christian village and learn about current issues affecting the Christian community in Israel

Pki’in – we will stroll along the picturesque streets of this mixed Muslim, Druze, Christian and ‘one elderly Jewish woman’ town and learn why it was a favorite of Yitzhak Ben Zvi, Israel’s second President.

Beit Jann – one of the highest inhabited places in Israel, this historic Druze town distinguished itself in 2013, when the Beit Jann high school was ranked first in the country for the percentage of students graduating with a matriculation certificate!

Tzfat – we will end our tour in one of Judaism’s four holy cities, Tzfat is famous for being the birthplace of kabbalah. We will walk along the quaint streets of the Old City and learn about its fascinating history/

Accommodation, food, transportation and entrance fees not included